Plumbing & Electrical


We stock a large range of products to help you with all your electrical projects. These include various cables and flex to suit most applications, extension leads and reels, switches, spurs, lamp holders, junction boxes, blanking plates, metal back boxes, patresses and adaptors.

We also stock a considerable range of lamps including standard pearls, candles, golf balls, fridge and oven and a comprehesive range of halogen lamps. Flourescent Fittings and lamps are also available as are low energy lamps.

Our range also includes a range of telephone sockets, adaptors and fittings, smoke alarms and a range of wired and wireless door bells.



Our plumbing section caters not only for the  DIY plumber but also for the qualified plumbing and heating expert. We stock a large range of copper, compression and speedfit fittings. This is complimented by a large stock of waste and soil fittings including solvented and waste compression fittings.

As well as the standard plumbing fittings we also stock many other products to assist you with your plumbing project. These include Taps, Toilet Fittings, Washing Machine Fittings and Central Heating Fittings.